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Newquay a UK Surfers Paradise

Newquay a UK Surfers Paradise   by Rakesh Gaikwad

Called the surfing capital of Britain, Newquay is the center of UK's surfing industry. It is home to a lot of surf shops and board manufacturers. One of the reasons that placed Newquay in every surfer's map is the Fistral Beach.

Fistral Beach is the major surfing beach in this side of the world. It is situated in Newquay, in Cornwall. The 2,500 feet long beach is straight and faces the North-West to the Atlantic Ocean. A tourist can stay in one of the hotels in Newquay.

Fistral Beach can get crowded in the summer season but this is already expected because of its world class waves although surf consistency is constant, having good waves for 150 days a year. The waves here are beach-break and they go right and left. What's nice about Fistral is that its bottom is sandy therefore you won't get cuts unlike in areas where it has coral bottoms. Surfers of every level can enjoy the waves Fistral has to offer. The waves can be hollow, fast, or ordinary.

You can walk from the road to the beach. It is quite easy to find with lots of signs posted. Like stated before, you might want to avoid the weekend crowd although it can get crowded even on week days.

There are three main surfing spots in Fistral Beach. There's Little Fistral, which is where the crowd are. This spot doesn't work on high tides. North Fistral is the best beach break in the United Kingdom. And finally we have South Fistral. It has nice lefts coming from the rocks. Little and North Fistral are busy while South Fistral is the best if you want lesser crowds.

The legendary cribbar is a reef that is located below the north of Fistral. It only breaks on the biggest swells. It is considered to be Cornwall's greatest wave that can go up to 40 feet in height, although it might be small according to the other big wave spots around the world. The cribbar can be observed from the Fistral Beach.

The British Surfing Association calls the north end of the bay its home, along with Newquay Boardrider Club and the Newquay Surf Life Saving Club. Headland Hotel, probably one of the best hotels in Newquay, is also located here.

The Fistral Beach hosts major surfing events and tournaments. That's the reason why a competition suite was made for the judges and competitors at North Fistral. Here you can also find surf shop, surf museum and facilities that rents out boards and wetsuits for those interested.

Fistral Beach is definitely the place to go when you're in Newquay. It is better than most beaches in the area, Watergate included. Towan, Tolcarne, and Great Western beaches are just some of the surf beaches are also located in Newquay.

And when night comes, Newquay's nightlife is alive. It is home to nightclubs such as Sailor's and Berties. Well known DJs sometimes play in these clubs. And when it's time to rest, you'll find plenty of Hotels in Newquay to service your needs.

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